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We  are all writers, we all have heart and there are many forms to practice ...

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The intention of this e-zine is to provide inspiration, information and stories to aid in: 




Published by Lissa Ann Forbes

You can look forward to the next issue of Write from the Inside on September 3, 2006


ISSUE #45:  August 13, 2006

Where Creativity Strikes


  • Where do those ideas for writing great poetry and prose come from?

  • What are you doing when creativity strikes?

  • Does the nudge from that great idea cause you to stop mid-step to write?

  • Do you listen? Or does that great idea go to idea heaven as you complete whatever mundane task you are in the middle of?

It's my experience that my greatest ideas for writing never seem to come when I conciously sit down to write. They come at inopportune times. Times when I can't stop to give them my full attention. When I don't have a pen and paper or I'm not near a computer. They come when I'm driving down the highway at warp speed, or washing dishes, or "otherwise disposed" ... you know what I mean. Truth be told, I have been known to write an idea when I'm driving ... shhhhh ... don't tell anybody. I know it's dangerous, but I can't let it get away ... the grand idea, the million dollar winner. I have learned that this is a time and place where my digital recorder comes in really handy.

It's all about letting the mind go which it seems to do best when occupy myself with a routine, repetitive activity: walking, journaling, gardening,  bicycling, vacuuming, dish-washing.

  • Take some time to observe yourself. When does your creativity strike?

  • The next time you're in the middle of one of these tasks and the story idea begins to flow, stop. Stop right then and find the pen and paper. 

  • Write until you're spent. Then proceed with the dishes, bicycle ride, walk, or flower planting.

  • Notice how it feels to not let the idea flit away into nothingness. 



Creativity is a type of learning process where 

the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual.


Arthur Koestler


Journalist, Philosopher, Writer





The New Idea Catcher


by Lissa Ann Forbes


My creativity has taken a new direction. Sometimes my mind just doesn't come forth unless I slow down. I'm experiencing an increased flow of writing ideas, and it seems my best ideas come in the shower where there are no other tasks to be done, and I'm a captive audience to the thoughts that flow as the water does.  I've found a way to capture those ideas before they go the way of the shampoo I rinse from my hair ... down the drain.

One day, in the fall of 2005, I was talking with a colleague at Borders, also a writer. She told me that her best ideas came in the shower. She'd lean out to write on the mirror with her lipstick. There was a time when the ideas came so fast and furious that she went through her $40 lipstick in three days. I thought it was great that she had devised a way to catch those thoughts that flit away if not written down immediately.

It occurred to me that rather than use up expensive lipstick it might be handy to install a whiteboard in the shower. Rose and I laughed about that ... imagining the naked writer creating a novel in such a way. 

Nevertheless, a number of months later I embarked on the experiment. I found a small 9" x 12" dry erase board and mounted it on my shower wall. Unfortunately, my first shower experiment failed. The dry erase marker wouldn't write on the steamed surface. I returned to WalMart to find a  marker that might be compatible with my steamy creativity. I found some children's water-sol- uble markers.

The next day I continued the experiment. Yes, the new markers worked ... a little beading when the steam accumulated, but at least I could get the ideas down before they cycled down the drain.

I learned something else. If I wrote on the board with the dry erase markers before the bathroom steamed up, the words didn't bead afterward. This was good information actually because I could record affirmations for the daily reminder of my goals. This created a problem of a different nature. Half my whiteboard was filled with those affirmations, therefore my idea space is limited.

Recently I was challenged. The beginning of a book idea came in full paragraph. My whiteboard was full, so lest I lose the phrasing, I began writing the beginning of a new book on the shower tiles. I was quite amused as I considered how this might look to the stranger ... my life story on the walls of the shower.

Yes, you might say my writing has taken a new direction in new dimensions. But, if the truth be told, this very process is what keeps me on track with my writing, next steps, and marketing ideas. I know if the idea comes in the shower it's something worth considering.



Off the Shelf


Reading Resource: 

Walking in This World: The Practical Art of Creativity

by Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron is a master creativity expert. In Walking in This World, Julia presents a way to live the creative life and productive ways to find fulfillment on the path. This book reads as though you're sitting in her living room and engaging in a personal conversation with her. She is forthcoming with her own challenges and shares the lessons she's learned about how to overcome those challenges.

Walking in This World is one of my favorite books on living the creative life. It is honest and self-divulgent. It's the perfect individual classroom, providing assignments and "check-ins." This book helped me feel I could really live my passion and has given me tools to do so. Do you have a dream you're not sure you can follow? Take some time away from the hustle and bustle of your life, sit with Julia, and dream big.



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