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Published by Lissa Ann Forbes

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ISSUE #43:  July 2, 2006

Rest, Relaxation, and Recuperation


  • Have you ever run a marathon? Participated in a speech competition? Pushed the envelope in a swim meet?

  • Does the thought of coordinating a full day conference make you tired?

  • Have you had a baby? Or been the birthing coach?

 Some of these activities, and many others, take so much energy that the only thing you can do when it’s over is rest. After I gave birth to my first son, all I wanted to do was sleep, but because of the excitement as well as the concern since he was born with a spontaneous pneumothorax (pinhole in the lung), I found it difficult to sleep. At least I could be still and allow others to take care of the important matters. Nine years ago, in the afterglow of successfully planning and executing my father’s 80th birthday party, I’d replay what went right and what went wrong. After expending so much energy, I just needed to relax and recuperate. The dishes, the laundry, the vacuuming would just have to wait. There was no one around to help. The body seemed to know best … it just needed to rest.

  • Think about a time you exerted so much energy that your muscles hurt or your brain felt spent.

  • Describe what it was like. Did you feel emotionally drained or physically pained?

  • Does exhilaration create a tension of its own?

  • In your own handwriting write three pages about your experience. How long did you need to reccover? A few hours … or days?



“You must have been warned against letting the golden hours slip by. 

Yes, but some of them are golden only because we let them slip.

J.M. Barrie





Sometimes It’s Just Best to Rest


by Lissa Ann Forbes


In my case, it took four days. I feel as though I’ve run a marathon, and trust me, I’m in no shape to run the typical 26 miles of such an event. But, I did run my own kind of marathon.


On June 1, I announced at a meeting of fellow personal historians that by June 29 I intended to complete my book, have copies printed for individual sales as well as distribution at four Borders stores, create a celebration/birth announcement to send out to everyone I know, learn how to set up PayPal in order to have credit card capability, and plan and execute a celebration party.

One of my personal historian colleagues, Marla, was incredulous, “You’re going to do all that in the next four weeks?”

“That’s my intention,” I said matter-of-factly.

For the next four weeks, I diligently worked on changes provided by my editors. It seemed every time I opened the book something new needed to be fixed. As my self-imposed deadline for going to print approached, I finally received permission to quote from the last straggling source. Just under the wire.

I went to the printer with electronic files on a disk, praying that all was in order. I hoped that there would be no problems. In only a few days, they had a proof ready, but the time of waiting was nerve-wracking. I wondered if I’d caught all the errors. How would the cover turn out? Would the colors be the same as I had created in my own laboratory—my home office? Would they be able to align the different colored spine? Would it have all its fingers and toes—pages, graphics, and cover as I envisioned them? The anticipation of the unknown created a tension in my body that I was unaware of until days later when I realized my body ached.

Of course, I went home to review the proof, and oh my gosh, there were things that had to be changed—now. Then there was the added stress of making more changes and still meeting the deadline. But the printer assured me he could still make it. I made the final changes and decided not to look again. It all had to stop at some point. I had to trust that I’d done the best I could.

So, while the printer did his job with the final details, I created the celebration announcement. Learning PayPal took me an inordinate amount of time even though the website says it’s so easy. But, finally I released the birth announcement and began to get responses. Because I know people throughout the United States and even Europe, I expected that many would not be able to make the party. Many sent good wishes, about 60-70, and a small group began to grow who would join me in celebrating what I believe is the greatest accomplishment of my life—the birth of Write from the Inside: Dig for Treasures, Discover Yourself, Leave a Legacy.

Along the way, I booked signings at four Denver area Borders stores: Broomfield, Longmont, Northglenn, and Lakewood.  The books were ready in record time and on the day of the celebration I delivered ten copies to each of three of the four stores. Then I finished the party preparations: picked up some helium balloons (red and purple mylar stars), picked up the cake, delivered them to the restaurant, gathered the rest of the book display items, got dressed, and arrived at Ting’s Place to set up before my guests arrived.

It’s somewhat challenging planning and preparing a celebration in which you are the guest of honor, but once my guests began to arrive my nervousness subsided and I found I was among friends. Yes, of course, I knew that, but my perfectionism kicks in sometimes and I forget.

I opened the evening sharing my thought that “control freak is not a four-letter word.” My guests laughed, I relaxed. We enjoyed the most delicious Chinese food in town. Our emcee, Joe Sabah, began the evening by asking my guests to share how they met me and talk a bit about our friendships. It was quite humbling to hear so many nice sentiments from those I’d shared experiences with over the years. For their kindness, I am so grateful. Although everyone had wonderful things to say, there are a couple sharings that stood out. My son, Phillip, said what he learned from me was patience and perseverance—that I could have given up long before reaching the goal, but didn’t. He takes that lesson with him and applies it to his pottery work as well as his life. My friend, Maureen, talked about a day long ago, five years I’m guessing, when I asked her to be my guinea pig for a book binding class. She came to my house to be my student and I helped her create an address book. She still carries that address book with her. I'm amazed! Several spoke of what a good friend I had been to them. I was humbled. I owe my sanity to my friends. They listened when I doubted. They supported me when I took big steps. They laughed with me, they cried with me. They walked the path with me. They came to celebrate with me. I was touched and we had a great celebration I will remember forever..

Liz McCutcheon, a fellow personal historian, told stories about her great grandmother, Lillian, and her father, as well as the value of documenting life stories. She did a wonderful job of connecting with the audience and pointing out the value of my book to the work we do.

I wrapped up the evening with this highlight: I am still a bit in shock that I’ve brought a new book into this world. I am reminded of Steve Urkel from Family Matters, saying in his nasal voice, “Did I do thaaaat?” Of course, my primary objective is to help people realize that writing their stories is as easy as telling their stories. If you can tell it, you can write it. In addition, I feel the lessons I’ve learned in life are universal and can help others. This is my ultimate wishto help others recognize their own lessons and find significance in their experiences.

It was a magnificent partyan event I will remember for the rest of my days! Thank you to all who helped me make this happen ... it wouldnt have happened without you!


Now that I’ve accomplished all those goals I talked about on June 1, I’ve needed a few days to rest ... and some days it’s true ... rest is best.



Off the Shelf


Reading Resource: 

Inner Simplicity: 100 Ways to Regain Peace and Nourish Your Soul 

by Elaine St. James

Elaine St. James has compiled a treasure chest of simple suggestions for making life easier. She shows us how to conquer our fears, to figure out the bigger issues, to tap into our creativity, to be  aware of synchronicity, and to enjoy the simple moments when the hustle and bustle of daily life has gotten out of hand.

When I've "pushed" hard and accomplished much, I find I need a breather. I need to take some time to reflect and kick back a bit. It just so happened that I hit that break on a long weekend this go round (the 4th of July) and it did me wonders to rest and reflect with Elaine's book about simplicity. Try it ... you might find the deep breath is just what you need to start fresh.



Write from the Inside:

Dig for Treasures, Discover Yourself, Leave a Legacy


The book is a series of queries/exercises to trigger the mind, bringing back memories so you can write down significant events or even small events that had meaning. Included are stories from my life as examples to help show the reader 

how it's done.


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