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Write from the Inside

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Yes, that means YOU!

We  are all writers, we all have heart and there are many forms to practice ...

letter writing, journal writing, story writing, your own "story tale" 

and much, much more.


The intention of this e-zine is to provide inspiration, information and stories to aid in: 




Published by Lissa Ann Forbes

You can look forward to the next issue of Write from the Inside on July 2, 2006


ISSUE #42:  June 11, 2006

I Don't Wanna Do This


    • Have you ever not wanted to do something that was important to you?

    • What is your method of processing the discrepancy?

    • Do you procrastinate until you feel guilty?

    • What does it take to get from “putting it off” to “getting it done”?

 I believe procrastination is a human affliction. And yes, I am guilty—from not doing the dishes, to not balancing my checkbook, to not making my follow up calls, to not writing. It doesn’t matter what the project, something gets in the way. The need to be perfect. The scope of the project. Lack of focus, drive, or determination. Unadulterated fear, or the whiney “I don’t wanna do it” syndrome. I'm guessing it’s all of these things at different times, and I know I’m not the only one who is challenged this way.  

  • Identify your “I don’t wanna …” task or project.

  • Make a plan; write down what it will take to accomplish it.

  • Find an “accountability buddy” to help you.

  • Get to work, and step by step, achieve your goals.



A faithful friend is the medicine of life.

The Apocrypha, 6:16


Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be.

Grandma Moses (1860-1961)





A Writer's Trap


by Lissa Ann Forbes


The deadline approached. The words kept echoing through my mind. 

"I don’t want to do this … write this issue of my ezine.” 


I’m resistant. Why? Is it just because I’m on overload? Is it because I’m tired of writing? Is it because I’m tired of rules and grammar, and feeling confused about the right way to do it? Maybe it’s because I just need a break. I’m just tired and I know it’s all just beginning—promotion and signings and speaking and selling. It makes me tired just thinking about it, although there’s the excitement of seeing what I can make of it too.

So, what do I do when I don’t want to write? First, I whine and fuss and stomp my feet. For a while, my friends listen. Then they get tired of it. I get tired of it too.

Next, I practice avoidance. I read, I watch TV, I visit with friends. I clean the house, I mow the grass, I sleep. I shop for groceries, I wash the dishes, I read some more. I don’t know why I still practice avoidance. I’m really quite good at it already.

Then, I make a decision, set a goal. It’s time to get to work. Sometimes the shift just seems to happen. I’ve fussed enough. I’ve avoided enough. I’ve whined some more. It becomes uncomfortable not to do what I don’t want to do—write. That’s what I am—a writer—how can I not write.

I leave my house. Meet a friend—an “accountability buddy”—she helps me stay true to my own goals. I sit in a coffee shop watching the people. I become the “woman behind the camera” observing others’ lives.


A tall drink of water with dark hair throws a used napkin at the trashcan. He misses. He tries again. Misses again. Then he sets up as if playing basketball—raises his arms, aims, tosses. Misses again. He picks up the napkin and throws it once more. Nope, doesn’t make it this time either. Finally, he makes it. Not once does he seem exasperated. He is just playing while he waits for his fancy coffee drink.  

Then there’s the knitting circle, five ladies who’ve come to share their experiences, stories, and laughter, all the while producing something. They knit rows and rows and before you know it, a sweater is born. Or a scarf, or a vest. 

And, how about the couple at the table near me. They each read their own magazines, drink their own frozen mochas. I noticed they are sitting on the same side of the table—I chuckle. Most folks sit across from one another. From time to time they share what they’re reading, each taking time to acknowledge what is important to the other.


There you go. This is one more way to get the pen flowing words onto paper or the fingers tapping on the keyboard. Simply put, acknowledge the fact that you are resistant. Write it over and over again if you have to—I don’t want to do this. My guess is you will get very bored with that, and start writing about something that interests you. The next step might be to describe something before you, as I have done—people, things, events. Place yourself in an environment in which you can’t get away for a period of time—a place it takes you some time to get to—a coffee shop, a mall, a creek, a mountain top. Set the scene, sit down, write the details.



Off the Shelf


Reading Resource: Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg

Natalie Goldberg, is a master cheerleader for writers. She advocates writing practice, likening it to Zen meditation. Her teaching style is to encourage writing quickly, allowing an uninterrupted flow of words, and focusing on speed, simplicity, and accuracy. She helps the writer blast the barriers of putting pen to paper.

Although she doesn't know it, Natalie Goldberg has been one of my mentors. Her book, Writing Down the Bones, is written in digestible bits. Not only does she impart her philosophy of writing, the challenges of being a writer, and handy tips about how to "get on the page," but she shares herself. While reading this book, I feel as though I'm sitting in a lounge chair, talking to her in person--like best friends.


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