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ISSUE #23: May 8, 2005

It's all in memory ... somewhere!

  • Have you ever had this experienceyou know you saved a document on your computer or in a file cabinet, but when you go back to find it, it's gone! Or at least you think it is, then you find it exactly where you filed it.

  • When you read a book or watch a movie, do you find yourself thinking "I remember when something similar happened to me" or somehow you trigger something totally unrelated?

  • Have you ever wondered how to access the most amazing computer called your brain? Do you think you've forgotten the password and it's gone forever? 

In my experience, my mind really is an amazing tool. I must admit, sometimes I think I'm losing it, but if I pay attention, there is much more information there than I will ever be able to write about in my lifetime. I spend a LOT of time in a bookstore, as I work in one part-time and I'm constantly fascinated by the titles people choose for their books. Do you know that Borders Book Store carries somewhere in the neighborhood of 110,000 titles in books, music and DVDs? Every day, as I stroll through the aisles, many of these titles catch my attention and I find myself journeying into a part of my life.

  • Try it ... wander down the path of book-lined streets. Write down the titles that catch your eye.

  • Find a cozy corner in the cafe and let those titles take you back to a time in your life.

  • Write for 20 minutes on the subject and see what bubbles up for you. You might simply be amazed at the memories that flood through your mind. Don't forget to capture all the details. What kind of day was it? What was your internal weather? Who is in the picture? What happened that made it memorable? Write it all down.



"We do not remember days,

we remember moments."

Casare Pavese (1908-1950 )

Novelist, Poet, and Translator




Oceans, Seashells and Summer Vacations

In Remembrance of Mom


by Lissa Ann Forbes


Easter of 1996, she made dinner for seven peopleme, a friend, my two boys, Phillip and Scott, Dad and herself. Six weeks later she was gone. I called her Mom. Devotedly, she cooked family dinners every night. She kept an immaculate home in color coordinated decor, made sure I had clothes in the latest fashion for my figure, taught me to sew and cook, and encouraged me by example that reading was an important pastime. She taught me strength, in the face of adversity as she faced her own. She taught me compassion for others as she visited families at Christmas less fortunate than herself. I learned that we all have at least one  passion. Mom's was golf, mine is reading and writing.

            Two and a half years later, September of 1998, I wrote to her, revisiting her in a familiar place.

I sit on a rock at the ocean’s edge remembering I’ve been here before.

Mom, I’ve come back to visit you here where we spent many vacation hours with the boys, Aunt Pat and Dad. Once, early after you died, I sat on a different beach and remembered the same thing, but promised I would get back here one day to visit you on the same ground, the same waterfront we shared in a time gone by. I kept my promise.

This brings up an interesting concept as I reflect. Short-term promises are easy to recognize in their keeping. One hasn’t had time to forget the promise made. But long term realized promises are a bit more difficult. In the time between the promise made and the promise fulfilled, one can easily feel it has been forgotten and neglected. When fulfilled after many days, weeks, months or more, it is easy to let the frustrations of the day cloud the blessing that has finally come. Well, I am here to spend just a glimpse of time with you, appreciating all that you gave me. I know I did not give you adequate recognition and appreciation when you were here, but please know you sit on high now. There is one quality you had (of many) that I only wish I was capable of—the ability to shrug off a mood and show a happy face to the world. I often find it difficult to do when I need to. You were an entertainer, an actress in your own right. I still search to figure out who and what I am, what I am really good at. Is that struggle also because of you? Or is it inherent in the course of my journey? I think it is the latter—I strive so hard not to blame others for my displeasure, but I often feel I carry an anger so deep that I need help to dig it out and dispose of it. It’s time.

I don’t quite understand why I feel so sad, so lost, so isolated. I have plenty of people around me—some of whom take pleasure in my company—some who seek out my company …


But something is missing …


I sit by the ocean with that wondrous whoosh and thunder of waves washing up to shore. I contemplate how it must feel to be a sea creature that is carried by the waves.


Sometimes you may simply flow peacefully through the water observing life as you go by. Sometimes you may be crushed by the force of the water into a rock or the sand. Are you hurt? Are you stranded? Do you wonder why this is happening to you? Or do you take it in stride, pick yourself up and catch the next wave to safety? But you don’t know if the next wave is a vehicle to safety or if it is transport to further danger. You go anyway. And then you may be washed to shore to be left to dry out and possibly … most likely … to die. But your life is not over, because if you have a shell or  soul, someone comes to pick you up and shelter you and revere you … to find the preciousness in you.


There are always moments of preciousness. The essence of pleasure and joy is in the recognition of these precious moments.

It is odd that as I sit here, listening to the whoosh and splash of the tide coming in, absorbing the faint warmth of the sun breaking through the cloud cover, that I begin to feel at peace with my complete aloneness even though people continue to maneuver around me … some jogging, some walking, some as couples hand-in-hand, some as parents helping children search for the souls of beached shells. It is odd that with all this life going on around me that I feel I am the sole survivor sitting on a lone beach … the only one to hear the crash of the waves grow louder as the tide comes in … and feel a faint breeze whisper across my face. I am the only one here.

I breathe the salty air … that familiar scent that takes me back to memories of many summers gone by, but can paradoxically keep me in the  present moment. A feeling of floating in a bubble simply as the observer of all that God has created. The bubble is timeless.

It’s time to catch the bus from Del Coronado Hotel back to the Ferry Landing to return to my hotel. How I would love to stay here longer and allow nature’s rhythms cleanse my soul … to do so completely … to remove the barnacles and smooth my rough edges to reveal the inherent beauty.

Now on Mother’s Day, nine years later, I remember. I celebrate who my mother was to me. I am grateful for all that she gave me. And I am learning what I'm good at.



Reading Resource:  The Writer Magazine (


The Writer Magazine is full of handy tips and suggestions about writing in general and the June 2005 issue includes a focus article, Memoir Writing 101. In general, the article focuses not only on how to write well, but if you choose to publish for the mass market, how to get there. Frequently there are tips by top selling authors. It also includes suggestions for where to market. 


Specifically, I found the article on memoir writing concise and it pointed to some  particular areas to help you make your life story interesting to your audience. For most people, this audience is only close family and friends. Recently, one of my ezine readers commented that she would like her personal history to be more than a stream of facts. This article has some great suggestions: develop a captivating opening, create scenes, use details and dialog, and build suspense. It's a "must read" if you really want your family to treasure the documentation of your life. Keep in mind, these are also good suggestions for any writing.


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