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ISSUE #2: February 22, 2004

Find Perfection in Every Day

  • Have you ever had a perfect day? 

  • What did it look like? 

  • What would it look like if you could have it?

  • Have you ever had a day that appeared less than perfect but it turned out to be just the right kind of day? 

  • What did it look like? 

  • What made it perfect after all?

On this roller coaster we call life, our days consist of experiences we label "good," "bad," or maybe just "blah." Some days we can't remember at all. I would contend that there is perfection in every day if only we look to find it. 


About two years ago, I was driving to work on a Colorado farmland road at daybreak. Snow had begun to fall, but wasn't really sticking. It didn't appear that there was any danger until I found myself approaching the vehicle in front of me at a speed faster than he was going. I slammed on my brakes and found myself in a series of overcorrecting spins which resulted in me back-ending my way through a fence into someone's front yard! What could be perfect about that!


Well, you see, there was no oncoming traffic. Whew! Need I say more? I stopped before I plowed into the living room of the house not far off the road. Then a very nice gentleman who witnessed this grueling event took the time to stop and be sure I was ok. I found myself shaking and bursting into tears as I rested my forehead on my hands on the steering wheel of the stopped car in the middle of a snow-powdered yard. The kindness of a stranger calmed my nerves and he stayed to be sure I could get back on the road. 


In addition, I had a revelation ... just two minutes before the incident, I had a fleeting thought, "my life is so out of control I can't even stop the spin!" I think the Universe was sending me a message. A wake-up call. Matter of fact, there was a myriad of perfections for me on that ice-covered road that day.

  • Think about one day in your life. The events or non-events. 

  • Write the details. 

  • Remember the temperature and the colors of the day. 

  • Could you hear the colors? 

  • Could you see the wind? 

Find the perfection. Then find it in every day! It's been proven that it takes THREE weeks to develop a habit. For the next three weeks, keep a journal of your daily perfections.  


"The acorn does not become an oak in a day; the ripened scholar is not made by a single lesson; the well-trained soldier was not the raw recruit of yesterday; there are always months between the seed-time and harvest. So the path of the just is like the shining light, which shining light, which shineth more and more unto the perfect day." -R. B. Nichol





A Perfect Day


by Lissa Ann Forbes

written in the fall of 2003


This is what I call a perfect day ...

autumn cool,

smothered in sunshine

and a splash of breeze that wisps across my face.


Ah, what a delight

to have daytime hours

not having to work

not having to make excuses for time off

... just to enjoy a perfect day.


A time to let nature speak

A time for me to listen

The sunshine, the breeze, the cool air on my skin

They have their own language

A gentle language,

a kinder language,

in a world that can be harsh,

and often confusing.


The wind doesn't argue with the sun

The sun doesn't argue with the rain

In fact, without sun and rain

Rainbows would never have been born.


May you, too, find some solace

in this perfect day.


Reading Resource: The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore by Alan Cohen

A thought provoking, inspiring read on self-discovery, the power of thought, relationships, healing, forgiveness, action, courage, and the future. In the chapter Take Whatcha Got and Make Whatcha Want, Alan Cohen shares a story about how Walt Disney got his start ... as an unemployed journalist holed up in an old, dilapidated, mice-infested garage, Mickey Mouse was created.

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