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Published by Lissa Ann Forbes

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ISSUE #17: January 2, 2005

If It Hadn't Happened Just That Way

  • Have you ever wondered why things happen as they do?

  • Has it occurred to you that if you hadn't married the boy next door then you may have followed a path that took you somewhere completely different than where you are now?

  • Just think, if your mother or father hadn't left when you were a child you could have lived in a different house, you may have been influenced to choose a different line of work, most likely you wouldn't have met that wonderful man or woman who became your role model. 

Are you thinking, these things didn't happen to me? Well, yes, that's quite likely, but many things have happened to you in your lifetime and each little step along the way has influenced the next. You went to law school because your marriage was ending and you knew you would need to support yourself and your children, but you only chose it because it was a lucrative profession, right?  Your heart really wanted to be a writer. You buried the desire because somewhere along the way you learned one can't make a living as a writer. You thought, who am I to write a book, who would read it anyway and why? You dug the hole so deep, threw your dream in, and covered it up with years and mounds of conventional "thought dirt." Just consider though, that all that time was not wasted. You learned about contract law which now will help you negotiate deals with agents, editors and publishers. You learned how to speak up for yourself and others. You blurted out the truth as you saw it. Nothing that is learned sidesteps being of benefit to us. We meet new people, we experience great lessons, we come to new junctures that had it not happened just that way we would not have found. So now you can take all those experiences and move forward with confidence, knowledge and faith that it's exactly what you've been building up to for many years. You can dig through all the dirt, find the nugget of your dream, and cultivate it into a shining star ... something that truly makes you happy.

  • Consider your own experiences. Think about the people, jobs, belongings you have lost or maybe those you cherish.

  • Ask yourself the fascinating questions: Who would I not have met if I hadn't been laid off from my job? What am I doing now that I probably wouldn't be doing if I hadn't pursued a particular profession, crossed paths with certain people, been brought up by the very parents I call Mom and Dad, or fought with my siblings? 

  • Find gratitude in all of it, for you wouldn't be here, doing what you're doing, being who you're being, if it hadn't happened just that way.


"Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself
and know that everything in life has a purpose."

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (1926 -2004)



As I Gaze Upon My Reflection

by Lissa Ann Forbes


As I gaze upon my reflection

I see someone who has been there all the time

but I never saw


I see a toddler

who if she had remained with the mother who gave her up

would not have been so fortunate


I see a young girl

with a new woman she learned early to call Mom

who always introduced her as her special Deutscheskind*


I see a teenager

whose father taught her truth and honor and fair play

in many subtle ways


As I gaze upon my reflection

I see a young woman who learned to stand up for herself

because of her unusual name


I see a young mom

who was devoted to her own children

but had not yet learned the secret of a lasting marriage


I see a young lady

who had buried a dream

before she even realized she had it


I see a grown woman

who moved to new landscapes

 following the desire to co-parent her children


As I gaze upon my reflection

I see a soul who dared to love again

and lost


I see a woman 

with a passion to write and help people

capture the stories of their lives


I see an entrepreneur

with a dream, perseverance, creativity

and faith to keep walking the path


I see a maturing lady 

accepting middle-age and finding new goals to pursue

and finally embracing change


As I gaze upon my reflection

I see new opportunities every day

that wouldn't be if it hadn't happened just that way


*Deutscheskind: German child


What reflections of yourself do you see? 

If it hadn't happened just that way, what might be different in your life?

What opportunities may you have missed?



Reading Resource:  All That Matters by Jan Goldstein


"A young woman with nothing to live for. 

An old woman with very little time left to live. 

What can they possibly learn from each other?"

                                                      from the jacket cover


Jennifer  felt she had nothing to live for, but learned through the valiant rescue by her grandmother that she had much to live for. She learned what love really is. She learned about her grandmother's history, the losses she experienced during the holocaust. She learned that answering the question What was the gift today? every day, gave her hope and shed new light.


In one way or another, you rang in The New Year. You simply had a quiet evening at home, or partied with your friends or joined the milieu in New York City. However you did it, I'm sure you considered what is important to you--the people in your life, your accomplishments, and the goals you wish to meet in the coming year. 

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