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"I love your class! I have more ideas on capturing my aunt's history now as well as things I left out of my own. It keeps me writing more than I was." Mable Denniston, Hastings, MI


"I'm loving the assignments. Even the challenge of staying with the schedule is good for me." Kevin Merrell, Boise, ID





I have taught at Front Range Community College and the City of Thornton as well as online classes. Currently I don't have classes scheduled, but please contact me to organize a custom event:


Fun exercises to mine your treasuresEngage your museWrite your legacy



The Blueprint for Writing Your Life Stories


Do you have a story to tell? Wonder where to start? Have trouble focusing on what to write? Come find the excitement in discovering your life stories in unexpected places and write your own engaging memoir now. Discover the extraordinary in the ordinary, learn the lessons your life has taught you, and create your own story experiences. Take home a plan that will help you develop every story/chapter you write about your life.



The Art of Capturing a Moment (5 week class)


Do you struggle to capture the details that make your writing sing? Lissa Ann Forbes is a master at writing stories and capturing moments. Her specialty is developing captivating, engaging stories from life: your own life. Bu don't let that dissuade you; if you write fiction you will benefit from her process. She will give you some tips and tricks to develop the details that will keep your reader engaged. Learn how to focus on your senses, be observant, and pull your reader into your story. You will get lots of time on the page, time to share, and opportunity for feedback. This interactive course will help you jumpstart your project.



Leave a Legacy: 

How to Write the Most Important Book You'll Ever Read


Do you carry within you a story that needs to be told? Or, on the other hand, do you feel you have no story to tell? You are the only one who can tell your story and you might just learn something from reading it. Take the journey to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary, to learn the lessons your life has taught you, and to create your own story experiences. 

Let me know how I can make my workshops work for you.


  Individual Consultation 


Im always available for one-on-one work. Please call or email to schedule a private appointment. 303-885-0652, or email me.

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