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Thanks to Lissa Ann Forbes, my friend and local author, for submitting this story!

Finding the Magic

by Lissa Ann Forbes


It seems I had a dream of being a writer as early as ten
years old. I began with a friend, Melanie. We decided we
wanted to write a neighborhood newspaper and called it
the L&M News. Well, it never really got off the ground,
but the seed was planted in my heart.


At that same time, I began keeping a diary. In the 1960s
we didn't use the term journal yet. I used it to write
down things I dare not say out loud. One day, while on
the school bus embarking on a field trip, I asked my
teacher, Mrs. Moore, "What time is it?" She said, "I
don't know." It didn't make sense - she had a watch on.
So I wrote about it in my little spiral notebook - the
kind that fits in a man's shirt pocket with the spiral
at the top. Somehow she found it and brought it to my
parents' attention. I remember Mom saying, "Never write
anything down, you never know who may read it." I didn't
keep a diary or journal again for 13 years!


Over the years, I grew to believe that we all have
experiences that may benefit one another. Many times in
the similarities, someone will realize that they are
not alone. Other times our shared experiences will
inspire and motivate another to action. And sometimes
provide insight that may have gone unnoticed.


So, this brings me to the present. A year and a half
ago I had a dream-that I had something to share, that
I wanted to write for the benefit of others, that I
wanted to help people find a way to document their
lives or write what their imagination could create.
I was a bit fearful-no really fearful-of putting
myself out there so boldly, but I was more frightened
about the long haul. Would I be able to come up with
material week after week for this ezine idea I had
created in my mind? Write from the Inside was only
a glimmer in my eye.


My process was to begin believing enough in the dream
to observe my life and  that of others in order to
come up with topics. But two or three was not enough-
I had 21 topics in my hip pocket before I felt I had
a big enough trampoline to fall back on! Do you know,
about 16 of those ideas still lay dormant, available
if a creative drought occurs. I never looked past the
upcoming issue except somehow I knew I wanted to continue.
Amazingly, material has self-generated for a full year
now with this issue and it is read internationally!


You see, it's all in the believing and it simply takes
one step at a time to find your own magic. I encourage
you to follow your own dreams.


I want to take this opportunity to thank ALL of you,
my readers, for supporting, encouraging and believing
in me. It is you who have spurred me on to continue
creating, to believe what I offer helps you realize
that you too live precious, valuable lives and to
encourage you to write what springs forth from your
hearts. My heart is full of gratitude for all that you
have offered me. Thank you so much and please do keep
sending your notes expressing the sparks of understanding,
recognition and success you experience. I read, enjoy
and respond to them all.

Publishing History, One Life at a Time


Lissa A. Forbes

The Elemental Press
PO Box 49
Lafayette, CO  80026

www.The ElementalPress.com

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