Association for Personal Historians (APH)

This is the place to learn more about producing life story legacies through books, oral histories, audiotapes, videos or DVDs enriches lives for generations to come.


Colorado Independent Publishing Association (CIPA)

Do you want to self-publish your book to sell in large quantities?

This is the place to learn. Resources galore.


National Association of Women Writers (NAWW)

A venue for women writers to share and network. NAWW provides an informative and motivating newsletter, regular teleseminars, a multitude of services and resources for writers ~ novice to expert.


Story Circle Network (SCN))

SCN, founded by Susan Wittig Albert, is dedicated to helping women explore their lives and share their stories.





Max Donaldson ~ The Grave Rubber

A real showman, Max knows how to captivate an audience. His unique presentation about celebrities that we all knew and grew up with is full of wit, wisdom and sheer entertainment. He leaves his listeners with a joyful and lasting impression as he ties the past to the present.


Carol Franco ~ The Legacy Guide

Carol has not only put together a comprehensive resource guide for capturing the facts, memories, and meaning of your life, but her website is exquisite. The information she presents is a nice complement to my offerings.


Tom Gilbert ~ Your Life is Your Story

Tom has some great articles on writing life stories and journaling techniques. It's a great complement to this site. Chock full of resources.


Anita Larson ~ The Web Muse

Anita and her team of expert women web designers, programmers, graphic artists, marketing experts, copywriters and virtual assistant are ready to help guide you through the exciting wonders of the World Wide Web wherever you live or work.


Barbara McNichol Editorial

Ready to add polish and persuasion to your writing project? 

Connect with Barbara McNichol Editorial now!


Linda Joy Myers ~ Memories & Memoirs

Author of Donít Call Me Mother & Becoming Whole: Writing Your Healing Story, Linda has an extensive background in art, clinical work, and writing. She melds this unique set of skills to offer transforming memoir-as-healing workshops and trainings in California.


Veronika Noize LLC ~ The Marketing Coach

Would you like to attract more clients, build your business, and make more money? Ronnie will help you fill your practice with as many clients as you need AND have a  list of clients who are willing to wait because they want to work only with you.


Chet Novicki ~ Gigabooks

Chet Novicki is the author of The Perfect Binding Handbook and the developer of the Gigabooks Hand Binding Presses. It's a quick and easy method. I've been using his press since 2000.


Keith E. Renninson ~ Zooch the Pooch

Keith has co-authored, with Michael Conrad, a wonderful children's book to help you  teach your child about making proper decisions and good choices, as well as how to face difficult challenges in life such as death. He also produces a thought-provoking ezine monthly.


Joe Sabah

Do you want to get on radio talk shows all across America to sell your books at full retail? Do you want to speak for fun and profit? He provides a great list to get you started.


Linda Ann Smith ~ Power of Rituals

Linda shows us how rituals are a creative, and fun way to enhance our life experiences and make them more memorable. Check out her Power of Rituals books.


Jana Stanfield

If you love music that has a message of inspiration and motivation, this is it. I have every one of Jana's CDs and listen to them just as I do the motivational tapes of Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Krish Dhanam, and others.


Peg Thompson

A fellow personal historian, Peg complements my offerings of layout and design, and coaching your own writing, in that she interviews, transcribes, and writes your story. She's a great option if you are not in a position to write your own..



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