Some days Lissa Ann Forbes is sure she has multiple personalities, but that's only because she fills many different roles ~ hence the "us."


Born in Germany,  Lissa came to the US when she was four years old. As a military dependent, she lived in New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, and New York, before settling in Tucson, Arizona, where she attended high school and the University of Arizona. Since 1998 she has lived in Lafayette, Colorado, where, The Elemental Press was born in 1999.

Lissa against a backdrop of the 
       majestic Colorado Rockies


Author: Lissa is the author of Write from the Inside: Dig for Treasures, Discover Yourself, Leave a Legacy. After considering thirteen subtitles for this book, coming up with the perfect one, she realized she had done exactly as described. She dug through the events and experiences of her life, learned more about herself and discovered someone she hadn't been before, and in the writing and publishing of the book has left a legacy. This is what she hopes for all her readers.


Personal Historian: Lissa creates an atmosphere of trust and comfort

giving her clients permission to express themselves, delve into the details of their lives, and capture the interesting stories of their years.


Publisher: She has completed legacy books for many occasions: 

  • broad scope life story 

  • high school graduation

  • anniversary

  • association retirement

  • elder birthday (75, 80, 85 years)

  • celebration of life

Public Speaker: Lissa speaks regularly  in an entertaining, engaging, and 

informative style.

  • What's the Story Behind the Photograph?: Have you ever found pictures in a box that's been stashed away for years in the attic, basement, or garage? Do you wonder who these people are and what they did with their lives? What about their names and when they lived? Why is it we take bunches and bunches of pictures and don't label them? Lissa will engage you with some interactive exercises to learn how to capture the stories behind the pictures.

  • Dig for Treasures, Discover Yourself, Leave a Legacy: Lissa takes you on the journey from dream to reality. As she completed the process of self-publishing her book she realized she had dug for her own treasures, discovered more about herself, and has now created a volume to leave as her legacy. Through personal experience she shares the value of doing the work ~ writing your own stories.

  • Can Your Life: The Key to Self-Preservation: This talk highlights the tools and ingredients of writing life stories, encourages you to do it now, and includes  stories from Lissa's own life.

  • It Only Takes One to Leave a Hole: As an adoptee, Lissa knows the aching longing of wanting to know her past, but also the value of starting where you are, with your own story. She helps her audience find the silver lining as they delve into what they know and don't know. 

  • Building an Empire: from Orphan to Entrepreneur: An engaging look at how one person became the master of her own life.

If you're ready to write your life story and would like a unique softcover, handbound presentation, want a guidebook for getting your life on paper, or need a speaker for your association or organization, Lissa Ann Forbes is the person to call. Click "Contact Us" below.


Custom hand-bound 

life legacy books, journals, and laminated bookmarks
The possibilities are endless ... you can get what your heart desires.


I connect people ... past, present, and future.


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